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About Me

I have had a lifelong passion for helping others which has taken me to different corners of the world from contributing to a community centre in Costa Rica at 16 years of age to supporting mental health initiatives in rural Indian communities at 20. These experiences have not only broadened my understanding of overall well-being but have also highlighted the universal truth that everyone grapples with their own challenges.

Having faced my own share of life's difficulties, I truly understand the challenges that come with managing our thoughts and feelings during tough times. I've personally dealt with anxiety, depression, and the impact of addiction within my family. These experiences have given me insight into the complexities of handling emotions when life gets tough. Through therapy, I found that speaking with someone emotionally unattached provided me with a clearer perspective. This personal therapeutic journey, combined with the knowledge and tools I gained through my education and work, has been instrumental in fueling my growth and enabling me to effectively navigate life's challenges.

When we face tough times, it can make us feel really alone, and it seems like whatever we do doesn't make a difference. I've been through that myself, and it's through my own experiences, therapy journey, and working with others that I've learned something powerful. Those tough moments can actually be like stepping stones, helping us become the people we want to be. It's all about getting to know ourselves better and becoming more aware of who we are. That's where the real power for positive change comes from.

I have worked for Young Person's Advisory Service charity in Merseyside. I focused on helping both young people and adults through one-on-one counselling sessions. I worked with individuals dealing with various challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, and trauma. I not only addressed their emotional and psychological concerns but also provided practical support to them and their families.


Togetherness joining hands to come together

My Philosophy

As a counsellor I put clients at the centre. My belief is simple everyone has the power to grow, become more self-aware, and make positive changes. In our sessions, I aim to create a safe and understanding space where you can freely talk about your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment.


In my practice, I customise my approach based on each individual's unique needs and preferences. Recognising that talking about challenges can be difficult, I also provide creative avenues, such as art or writing or any other form of communication you prefer to help you express yourself and make sense of  your experiences. 

At the heart of what I do is the belief that, under the right conditions, anyone can understand themselves better and find fulfilment. I'm committed to supporting you on this journey, so when our sessions end, you not only have new insights but also a stronger sense of control and resilience to face life's challenges.


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